Hult Prize Foundation

The Hult Prize Foundation was founded in 2009 by current CEO and Palestinian-American entrepreneur Ahmad A. Ashkar. Ahmad founded the company after he left the banking industry to provide youth around the world with the inspiration, knowledge, and training to create startup enterprises that sustainably solve global challenges. Originally launched as a program offering university students an opportunity to win startup funding for an idea stage social enterprise, the organization today has become a global movement of more than one million youth spanning 121 countries with a diverse and international staff of more than 2500 people. Through the backing of the Hult family and the Hult International Business School, and in partnership with the United Nations, the Hult Prize now offers robust learning programs focused on youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and impact. The organization has been recognized by Fast Company as “One of the Top 10 Most Innovative” companies in the world and was featured in a TIME Magazine cover story on the, “Top 5 Ideas Changing the World.”

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Founded in 1943 by Mr. Eugenio Garza Sada, who led a group of Mexican visionary businessmen to convert the desire of creating an innovative educational institution into reality.

Non-profit institution from society and for society, with the purpose of transforming Mexico and the world through education. 26 campuses in Mexico with over 89,600 students in 80 high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs, and over 10,100 professors. 49% of our students have a scholarship or financial support. 753 students have a “Leaders of Tomorrow” full scholarship.

We have over 550 business leaders who serve as board members in our campuses and schools, providing us with a unique network of linkage with the communities we work on.


We are a transformative platform that is within the reach of anyone who dreams of an idea and dares to share it with other people who have the same energy as them to transcend the entrepreneurial ecosystem.